Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Travel Nurse

I visited a travel nurse before I came to Peru. She immunized me against typhoid and yellow fever; she also scared me into wearing insect repelent and not playing with monkeys; she sent medecine for traveler's diarrhea, altittude sickness, and some pills I can take if I get malaria, which I´ll need to self diagnose, somehow.

After all that preperation, I get eaten by mosquitos every night, inspite of my fancy repelent; a met a monkey owned by a bruja (witch) that handed me my fortune, after it urinated on the table; I've hiked to elevations over 10,000 feet, and swam in dirty rivers and beautiful waterfalls; I can't count the number of little ants I've found in my raspadilla (Peruvian snow cones); I've eaten cuchangas, anticuchos, churros, jugo and cebiche from street vendors; last night a cockroach ran up my arm as I picked up my toothbrush; and, as far as I know, I haven't been sick yet.

That being said, I've personally heard every member of this family vomit: first Oscitar, then Oscar, next came Alonso and Darrin, and finally, last night, Marisela. I consider myself fortunate.