Sunday, February 22, 2009


We took a little trip to Chachapoyas, and from there we set out on a couple of little excursions, first to Kuelap, an ancient city that predates Columbus, and then Gocta, a 770 meter tall waterfall.

I met a donkey on the way up the mountain to Kuelap.

On the hike up to Kuelap, Oscar couldn't get enough air because he is a sea level baby. As for us kids from Utah's mountains, we did just fine.

The narrow entrance between the walls of Kuelap fortress

Outside the walls of Kuelap

High in the mountains, on top of Kuelap

Dallas and a llama

A llama

Oscar and Dallas

A beetle

Dallas and a llama

On top of Kuelap

On top of the fortress wall

Jumping on top of the fortress wall: The locals got a kick out of this.

More jumping

Another jump

We had to jump a lot to get good pictures of us jumping.

Oscar jumping


Some old fashioned art work on the rock walls of Keulap

A monkey bird

Buying street food in Chachapoyas

In this picture I had just forgotten to pay her for my anticucho (little meat kebab), and I'm confused.

An old woman on the streets of Chachapoyas

Dallas, Lisi, Luisa, and Oscar in Chachaspoyas

My cheap hostal: six soles, or two dollars, a night

On the trail to Gocta (the waterfall in the distance)


Doing a little dance in the water

Doing a little shimmy shake

We're very happy.

Yelling to Anthony to take photos
Anthony taking photos

I'm rubbing my chest because I can't feel my body. The water was very very cold.

We we're very happy.

Dallas in the middle of the water

Dallas waving while tredding water
Dancing to get warm

Oscar jumping Dallas jumping
Dallas falling
Dallas standing